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Boots of Valorous Gladiator

Required level 1
Item type Boots

Item characteristics

Vitality 30
Strength 30
Stamina 17
Wisdom 4

Item condition



Has Paladin Class properties.

Can be crafted from gathered Resources after completing Barim Lisar's Seal of Seeking and Boots by Your Own Hands Quests, available at level 6.

Additional info

12/12/2011 03:55
d dog 37 
i need his now give me it
19/12/2011 15:18
wow cool I want IT now!!!!
30/12/2011 02:21
need it
From awesomeness itself
31/12/2011 23:12
wow those are .... cool??? i want em
28/02/2012 12:16
i want to sell it...........
02/03/2012 17:48
it wont let me get it and im lvl 6 and got all the things needed WTF
15/03/2012 23:46
i need those boots please
jake parker
24/05/2012 18:37
mad cowy,
how much you give me for um?
24/05/2012 18:38
Removed by moderator
24/05/2012 18:38
Removed by moderator
24/05/2012 18:39
Removed by moderator
08/08/2012 19:25
these boots are not transferable, meaning they cannot be traded away. they can be used, sold back to the game, or dismantled.
19/04/2014 17:35
d dog 3 wrote:
i need his now give me it

24/05/2014 02:14
26/11/2014 16:35
I wish they'd list the sale price
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