Boots of Relentless Gladiator

Required level 1
Item type Boots

Item characteristics

Vitality 30
Strength 30
Intuition 17
Wisdom 4

Item condition



Has Berserk Class properties.

Can be crafted from gathered Resources after completing Barim Lisar's Seal of Seeking and Boots by Your Own Hands Quests, available at level 6.

Kill 'em as fast as possible, don't wait your HP completely recovered...">">
said colect 3 ghost thing nw sayin need 20
Why isnt it working? It says that I have enough, but I just cant do it. ">">">">
i need those boots can u send them to me
i need those boots can i gt them
i wanna know y all of a sudden we need twenty instead of the three it says
i cant trade them or sell with other player ">">">">
it tells me i need 3 now i need 20 that really ticks me off
Can I have them?
I'm in need of them boots there.. how can I get my hands on them?
To have the Boots of Relentless Gladiator, I was forced to get 20 of them Essence balls that the ghosts drop instead of the 3 that I was told to get! Someone should fix that BUG as soon as possible.. PLEASE!!
i wish mine would be red instead of that crappy orange