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Helm of Relentless Gladiator

Required level 7
Item type Helm

Item characteristics

Vitality 25
Strength 25
Intuition 11
Wisdom 4

Item condition



Has Berserk Class properties.

Can be crafted from gathered Resources after completing Barim Lisar's Seal of Seeking and Boots by Your Own Hands Quests, available at level 6.

Additional info

11/12/2011 16:44
d dog 36 
i want his
19/12/2011 23:58
WHy will it not let me get this I have all the vouchers and it wont let me get it..WHY!
Some days I think I want Prince Charming to ride up on his horse and make my world different. Then I look at myself and realize I only want the horse.
20/01/2012 13:52
im going to get in a second
04/02/2012 19:09
I really want this helm
04/05/2012 00:08
Removed by moderator
09/05/2012 21:16
ill be getting this soon
12/05/2012 16:31
Removed by moderator
26/05/2012 11:08
Removed by moderator
01/06/2012 20:05
Removed by moderator
02/06/2012 11:45
Removed by moderator
02/06/2012 11:46
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02/11/2013 21:10
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