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Insane Raptoid

Required level 51
Item type Reins
Cost 157


Teaches to ride a Mad Raptoid.
To purchase this item, 37000
Bonecrusher Reputation is required.

Additional info

11/10/2012 04:39
ik who will be getting this
22/05/2013 16:03
me :)

30/08/2013 20:57
deathnight69 wrote:
ik who will be getting this

Heaven's Voice: {REPICON 17460} deathnight69 reached a new Reputation level {REP 17460} - {REPRANK 26067}! DONE!
05/09/2013 20:36
Once they release lvl...deathnight69 is going go get tht mount when he lvls
26/12/2014 15:57
Why do they have to make things so heard
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