Insignia of Redeemer

Item type Quests


Can be acquired by slaying monsters that appear during various Incidents. Can also be found in the Hero of the Empire Casket, purchased in the item menu or from the quest screen. Obtain 150 Insignias, and exchange them for a key to a Reward Chest.

i got 4 of these from a chest from merchant of curiosities. what are they for, though?
Mined in the destruction of the monsters that appear during the various incidents. Gathering 150 characters, you can take them and get a reward key to the chest with a reward.
this is what it translates to but im still none the wiser lol
hmmm , what kind of reward chest ? it has to be yet under development ?
i have 153 where do i trade in for key
they will be dropped in the upcoming daily event for hero rep
It would be nice to know if we are going to be able to exchange these for the keys when the incident occurs (new feature as of today) as many have gotten these from Merchant chests over the past few months. I am talking about the ones already owned by players, not the ones we will get participating in the events. Any updates on this are greatly appreciated, I'm sure many would like to know how we will be able to use the ones already in our inventory
i got amazing items from them like potions upgrades and elixers(good)
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