Clan Rights

When possible, please update the "clan rights" options to include:

Safe ONLY (at the moment, Safe Access only works for many people if you also provide Withdraw Items from Chest)

Resource ONLY (resource chest is currently attached to Withdraw Items from Chest)

Reals ONLY (at the moment, Withdraw Gold from Chest must be provided to allow Reals to be withdrawn in some cases)

Demote ONLY (at the moment, there is no safe way to allow someone to only remove access for another player. We are forced to promote people to Change Permissions which can easily be abused. For more information on how, please PM in game.)

Captain ONLY (at the moment, we must provide A Ship Expert access, this allows all players to see logs and can be abused in other ways, please PM in game for more information on how. Allow us to give permission to players to captain a ship but not be a full ship expert.)

Clan Item ONLY (at the moment there is no easy way to give gear to players without giving Withdraw Items from Chest access. With the ability to prevent a player from taking anything other than Clan Items, all leaders would simply be able to kick any player that abused that privilege and items would be returned to chest. Side Note - Advice from me to all clan leaders, always remove all other items from chest before providing access for gear.)

There may be others we've discussed here in forum and other places that would help make clan leading and clan chest usage much easier and safer. If anyone can think of any I missed, please add!
Screenshot of the tab this is related to.
Please add:

Island Chest ONLY (Just because we trust someone to collect sydian on the islands, does not mean we wish to trust them with the entire clan chest.)
Another couple features that could help a clan leader:

Delete news posts (Currently only the leader can delete and clean up clan news. A rank that included clan news clean up could come in handy)

Receive weekly awards. (Currently they go straight to the clan leader every week. They should be able to assign the drop to someone else when needed)
This was a good idea but too late!
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