sb brackets

Last heroism event one certain person called me parasite only because i join sb . On that sb were 11 players on queue but only her was skiped. She pissed with me , saying that im too little and weak to join . Ok i can understand that but call me names??? This is only a game lots of players more littles than me join. Even from her clan , but ok i ask admnistration put brackets on sbs too . Some bigs say if is with brackets sbs never run .... so why when littles join they be pissed??? So big ones if u guys not whant us join them do same request ... PUT DAMM SB WITH BRACKETS
More chance for mixed SB than SB with brackets.
True zulkir but some bigs not think that way
R-E-V-E-N-G-E, mixed SB don't work anymore. There's no bigs allowed to think about it, admin took it away. Brackets will not help. DE just needs to accept that faction do not work on this server and make us all purple instead of red or blue.
But I won't hold my breath for that change.... but I will hold my credit card and refuse to cash until they make some changes here.
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Storm Kat, < im only asking because of the player that was pissed with me
R-E-V-E-N-G-E, you have blue belt, nice marks, and look ready to go. But yet still someone gets pissed at you lol. Don't forget your protections on event days And if you haven't already, try making some hunter idols and bring those with you, they can be a lot of fun in SB
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