Merchant Darius has arrived on Tart!

Valiant warriors and beautiful warriors! Darius arrives on Tart to give all the inhabitants of Adana the opportunity to purchase many rare goods. The opportunity to buy something in his shop comes only once a year, so hurry to the harbor neighborhood! Don't miss your chance!

Among his trinkets, you can find very valuable items:

1. Inactive elixir sets life and endurance black quality:


2. Inactive sets of orbs black quality:


3. Inactive sets of characters black quality:


4. Violets phoenix, inspiration and attenuation from blue to red quality:


ATTENTION! You can only purchase 10vials of each type for gold and also by 10fials for reals!

5. Sets of igniting throws:


6. Idols summoning monsters:


7. Collection elements Treasures of Tarth:


ATTENTION! Darius refuses to give out more than 5 elements in one hand. The restriction is common to all elements!

8. Unique objects of the ancient world, allowing the most productive extraction of resources:


9. Dust from gray to black quality:


ATTENTION! Darius refuses to give out more than 15,000 dust in one hand. The restriction is general for all types of dust!

10. Resources of extractive professions:


ATTENTION! Darius will not sell more than 15,000 units of resources Prospector, 12500 resource units Angler, 10000 resource units Farmer and 4000 units. resources Hunter! The restriction is common to a group of resources within the same profession!

There is no time to lose! Exactly 10 days later, October 21 Darius will leave Tart.

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