Need help....

Ok, new to the game, pretty cool game, helps me kill time, I want to build my character the correct way.. but still confused on what does what.. I've play alot of games before, just not sure what to do and what to wear in order to create certain types of characters.. any help or links would be appreciated.

What is best.. or needed most ? I don't mind being a healer type if they are in short supply.. as long as its beneficial in the long run
Witcher - Absorbs damage and uses earth magic which has high critical hit ratio
Paladin - Self healing of a sort, blocks hits a lot, has high health and uses powerful order magic
Bezerker - Critical hitter, powerful in PVP. Uses fire magic which is also powerful

Needed most is paladins as there are not alot
Best or most common is the bezerker, however there a lot of witchers as well.

The choice is down to you, if you want to do PVP i would suggest a bezerker/witcher, for PVE it is any one of the three.

There is always the possibility to change as well, if a little expensive it is possible.

Good Luck playing the game :)
Ayla x
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