Hii all:)

Well... what can I say, Missed you all very much here. Its so nice to see everyone is still playing! Hope you all are okay, and going strong :P I am very sorry to see about the mamma :( She was a very caring soul, lovely lady but would whip your butt if you needed it. Bless her she made an impact on me, and will be missed.
I have actually logged on and checked tavern if there's a solid safe browser that's easy to use for me.
I know there is a post, but any suggestions from people who actually use them would be very nice, Autumn Winter~ if you are here , please a suggestion from you I would highly like :P Maybe ill get back into game :O
from the Queen of bees :P
use cent broswer it has a build in flash player on it works well, when you are back pm me so i can invite you back home.

miss you

link to cent

внешняя ссылка
welcome back stranger!
Welcome back, glad to hear from you.
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