Unite clans

Hi all,

I was just wondering how we could reignite interest in clanwars. I thought perhaps we could join forces and have all remaining active players join two clans distributed evenly, and then have a go at clanwars again? What do you think?
I'd love it! Although the fun part is how you do this concretely? We need two existing clans or we create 2 new clans for this precise purpose? I'm all-in no matter what it's gonna be!
That could be a good idea but yeah it's just hard to decide which clan would be part of it
I'd say we create 2 new clans just for wars and the people that want to fight should join before friday and after war, all player can return to their original clan
Hey all, I have the items on hand to make the Sadar Clan, if its agreed upon. Just give me a conformation in game with pm. Can also help another from Vaalor side if they message in game also get the ball rolling on the signed certificate’s

All the best for 2022
hi, fallen applies almost every week for a saturday war, so we would find it great if more clans would apply.
autum winter, applied this week, will see what hapen:)
18:01 Heaven's Voice: Unfortunately, we were unable to find a worthy opponent for your Clan.
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