done getting bullied

Heaven's Voice: Turbocharged Driller has struck you with Power Drain Tormenting Curse. Click on the spell icon or contact the healers to remove it. -ings
Heaven's Voice: Shackles Tormenting Hex has been inflicted on you -ings

Heaven's Voice: Extracted: Adamantite Ore (2 pcs). -ings

Heaven's Voice: lngslng4u is offering to heal Power Drain Tormenting Curse for 72458.

gee thanks ings. it's christmas season too. i'm done. enjoy your mines kagon, rapack. i used to enjoy this game. i help people and click ignore on the angry and drama people. thank you mamma and storm kat for trying to help. ved, dassdass, etc lots of bullies the game suffers from.

i've played since feb 2012...other toons obviously. the 1st 5 years were fun. i held on for the last 4 years of these bullies. not playing anymore. no more money from me.

glean feel free to kick my other toon from clan. love you guys take care
Not my place to say anything man, but its not worth leaving for a few assholes.
I'm stuck on red for heals, otherwise would be willing to help with healing you. (Still have four more pieces left to acquire at this time). Sorry you're being attacked, it's frustrating and makes for a high level of incentive to simply walk away, I fully understand and can empathize with you.
There are some players/people who use their time and money to make the gaming experience difficult on others. You can see back in some of the comments of certain players complaining about others doing that only to eventually be the one being complained about.
There is much to love about this game, and there are many people in the game who make good friends. But just like with real life, there are some people who, for whatever reason they have, will intentionally harm others.
I personally don't see the point in it, there was one player I used to attack, but that was due to what he did to another player, (names called, unwarranted negativity) I offered to stop if he would only apologize for his foul language and cease his improper behavior. He refused, so I kept attacking on sight. I don't think this constitutes bullying, I believe my offer was fair and reasonable as were my actions.
Unfortunately, if you don't have a stronger account than whoever is attacking you, you're basically in a bad position.
Your story is not unique, and many other players have left for the exact same reason, so I fully understand.
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