Flash player

i haven't played for almost a decade i think, i just found it again and my account still exists

but i can't play says needs flash player but flash is ended
so how do i play?
I`am using Coowon browser do a search for it or click the link - внешняя ссылка and works great, when installed just click the Run This Time when the Flash message pops up

so I reading this right, you are suggesting someone uses a browser from 2014 to play this game?

Only to play the game and you have a good virus protection, but i have not had any problems
There is an Android emulator called Bluestacks. Load it on your PC and you can play DE without Flash Player. I am on mt PC using it right now.
cent browser lets you play from pc, it has its own flash
Play via cellphone 👌 works well onmy problems people dont appear around the map you can talk but cant see any active players anywhereb
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