Regarding Flash

Spoke with admin this morning - they advised no client will be available, so the game is not moving to Steam.

In regards to Flash - the only solution is to use earlier versions of Flash on various browsers. Admin will post something that details instructions on how to launch game in browser mode .

Please let me know if you have questions.

If I am not in game for PMs - feel free to reach out on Discord - Leane#4051

Thank you very much for the honest update. It is sad, but at least we know. If this is now a mobile only app, can the delay to move location button be fixed so we can move around the map faster as well?
It's sad when the admin straight up lies to you. I asked him several times and got "We're working on a client for the server"....

very true. that and this how to launch the game will be install a random non mainstream browser and an old never to be updated version of flash. Like there is a reason why flash is EOL. It is not secure, and Adobe no longer wants the risk of it. 3 YEARS were given to move to HTLM5.

I would love to know how many unique players are left here. and by players, those that just log on to collect rewards, and grabber don't count. How many of us are still here trying to earn reps, gather resources and play the game?
hi all i have spent many hours looking for a broswer to play the game normal without a platform i found one

внешняя ссылка

after trying over 25 broswers this works fine no looking for old updates or anything i downloaded it and it worked for me without any problems

let me know if you guys have problems with it. of course you need a older version of flash player so delete the one that is not working and follow instruction from terra and use that flash player download it and do manually and turn off updates.
autum winter,

Awesome! Thank you!

Avant seems to work really well so far.
When they plan fix problems with events, and especially Adan?
Bluestacks is an Android emulator you can load on your PC. It lets you play DE without the flash player
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