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On Friday, September 25, I am no longer able to login via iOS or Laptop. It appears to be an issue with my cable modem as I can login on my iPhone when using LTE. I won’t play from my phone, too small and cumbersome. I’ve tried as many ‘fixes’ as I can even factory resetting the modem and resetting many other network and browser settings. I can get to every other website on the web but not DE...used all browsers. I hope someone can help or provide suggestions. Game Insight hasn’t been too helpful. Completely frustrating!
Hey Annie - lots of people are having the same issue.

I tried Chrome, MS Edge, Firefox on my PC - nothing.

Downloaded cloud based browser Puffin. It works but grainy. Some others are using it and dont mind.

I am back on Chrome after adding VPN extension. I hope they fix this soon
i can access the site and play (win 10 chrome Version 85.0.4183.121), but over the last two days the number of server refresh and disconnections has exploded. I am not sure what you mean you are unable to access the site, are you getting a 505 page not found, or error when trying to logon?

the fact that you state you cannot connect from behind your modem does point to that it is blocking (maybe you have a black list that is blocking the site now?) Since you can get to the game via cellular service.

i long ago asked for system requirements for playing this game (os, supported browser version, flash version, etc). never could get an answer, so i gave up.

This is the problem most people are getting all of a sudden, that I have talked to.

Google Chrome is up to date Version 85.0.4183.121 (Official Build) (64-bit) and on Win10 as well.
Nurse Ratched,

so yea, we are getting that, but that is now what Annie is reporting :) hers feels more like her wireless or modem blacklisted DE. but will wait for more details
This morning I kept getting dc'd every couple minutes. I went to my Chrome settings for DE. It seems some things converted and became blocked. So far after changing things to allow/ask - it has not dc'd yet.

just a nurse here who likes to pretend she knows IT....so not sure if that fixes anything or I just got lucky lmao.
Not sure if I can post here or not. But I can't access with IE or Edge. Will try Chrome in a bit. Not sure that my cable service blacklisted DE or not. But I also tried using McDonald's free wifi and the App will not fully connect. I can get to the character list but I can't get the characters to fully load. I get the character screen but everything is blank and not available till a future level. Only reason I got here was Bhavy sent me a link to this thread. Ursa
Comcastreset my modem and it all went away. Everything works now
Xfinity seems to have fixed the problem....though now my modem reboots every 30 minutes, or so. But I'm back!!
Annie Savoy,
Annie Savoy, cools
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