Confrontation points

Can we please either 1) remove this whole stupid system from the game 2) make it to where you earn points by fighting a level balanced mob out on an island somewhere (maybe pier where you cannot mess with anyone), that gives you no gold, no exp (so sure you can fight as much as you want even when little), and make them strong enough that it takes some work and some real pots to beat.

This system of rewarding players for squatting in arena and 7b is just stupid.
I agree get rid of the confrontation point system. There aren't enough people to warrant these types of rewards. 3 people out of 21 win in the top bracket. Those three people have more time to play then others and that is really all there is to it.

Time for a change....get something different in place. There are currently 21 people in the top bracket with confrontation points.....seems that we are really bringing the players back to the game!

well, of those 22 players, how many are alts? how many are just here to gather now? "players" needs to be defined a bit more than conf points is my point. :)

i for one have stopped fighting due to the amount of cost vs amount one can earn in the game. That will not change for me till the game changes back. I am also no longer willing to give the game money till the exchange rate is made equal (no more paying double what others pay for me).

But yes, this confrontation reward stuff is just dumb. It has been for sometime now. But if it must remain, at least move it out of the way of other players trying to get quests, the reduced amount of valor, or a few silver.
I spoke with Sensate about it and he's okay with removing confrontation altogether but we will need a majority vote to push this through. I am creating a separate thread to count these up. Thank you!
That system is there to foster competition, either compete or well accept it...

The amount of work you need to do to get first place is insane, the game shouldn't punish it's most active players cheaters, rule benders or not.

Well, since we asked, it was offered, we voted and it passed ( , then results were archived away without any reason given, guess it seems this was just too hard. It seems an explanation from the admin is just too much to expect.
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