Android client

I would like to ask you about android client and what troubles are you having with it?
If there are some major issues like app crashing then please name you device and android version.
Thank you in advance.
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So i have been on android for long, there are a couple of issues i would like to see fixed. First one is that the game can crash when there are a lot of people in the fight, altough to be fair this happens quite rarely, it happened last night during the shaab event.

2nd one is the fact that the game can feels laggy while i play on my phone especially during fights, it not unplayable by any means but still i think it can be improved. Pretty sure this issue is on the app side, my device should handle such a game fairly good

I play on One plus 7 pro i hope it helps!!

And i would like to thank the admin for fixing a couple of bugs , great work man!
Ich habe ein Andriod 9 mein Handymarke ist X GODY Kann mir zwar das Game auf Google play herunter laden, wenn ich mir dann verbinden möchte auf mein Acc zeigt er mir Verbindungsfehler an.Komme praktisch nicht mal im Game.Über pc funktioniert es.

I have an Andriod 9 X GODY phone. I can download the game on Google play, but when I want to connect to my Acc, it shows me connection errors, but I can't even get the game on pc.
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