The COOKIE Ban Is On Again!

Gosh it's a good thing I came back.

It seems this fluffball hedgehog has been running rampant around DE - out of control on sugar spikes. Stealing cookies ....putting laxatives in cookies for others to eat ...hoarding all the cookies for herself

This kind of behavior must be stopped! Midnight Hedgehog Unicorn Frog something or other needs to be grounded

I hereby request that all cookie giving to her be stopped....until she learns how to behave and SHARE!

Ummmm.....who is with me?
no one! I will share the laxative cookies though
midnites hedgehog,
-munches on some chips ahoy and Oreos

keep trying

I got other sources
Ban the cookies, Stop the spiky slug from eating them.
SirChrisp-Reborn, YAY! Someone will back me up
midnites hedgehog, pffffft. Those are gluten free, sugar free fake cookies. I know where your secret stash is and I switched them out.
Pfft seeing how I got it right from someone .... in your dreams!
midnites hedgehog, welllllll that someone is secretly part of my little banning group. So hah!
midnites hedgehog,

by the looks of your CAPs lil fuzzbutt - it seems you have gotten yourself into a sugar high.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand this is why cookies need to be banned until you behave. No ninja duckies for you at bath time either!

PS: Who is giving you treats?
leave my bath buddies alone! don't make me not shower or bathe! SPLISH SPLASH IS MY FUN TIME WITH MY DUCKIES!
roasted ninja ducky is a great delicacy
No one cares about cookies!!! Poptarts is king!! ALL HAIL POPTARTS ALL HAIL THE POPTART LORD!!

listen here nooblet....poptarts are sugary cardboard bits of unhealthiness.

Time to start a new cult buddy boy

PS: Miss you even though you still a PITA
my cookies are my cookies! like how my duckies are my duckies! how dare you mess with the duckies! my water steeds! MY WATER STEEDS! don't make me threaten the ferrets!
midnites hedgehog,

pffft. Ferrets will enjoy some roasted ninja ducky and nibble on your toes!

I see there has been a decline in people offering you sweet treats...obviously you going through sugar detox
ferret fur is all the rage. its soft. I get enough cookies
midnites hedgehog,

Oh my snarky little know better than to mess with my furbutt minions.

I have now trained them to be cookie sniffing ferrets....they have gone out and found all your cookies. Sweet treats are now under lock and key with the ninja duckies. I will send you ransom demands later.
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