Hmmmm....awfully quiet here people

Decided to stop in and see how the DE family was doing. Soooo quiet unless I came on a slow night lol.

Hoping you all have been behaving the best of your abilities.

Hear there is a new admin (thank the DE lords) - so hoping for the best and maybe some new life back into the game again. I have looked - there is nothing out there that compares to DE and our dysfunctional happy group.

Anyway...missed you all and hopefully some of us can catch up

PS: I still like my coffee....and LOTS of it
Welcome back sweetie, good to see you back at it. Enjoy your c(__) !!!
Always glad to see you :) the best of the best stopping by ^^
Leane, awww you still so sweet....and a bit full of it, but I'll take it
Dragon Fire.,
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