Lady lardiana

Just a heads up, lady lardiana is selling stuff at outskirts of sadar again :)
Is that bad?I am very happy with her.
Yes very good.
Who will explain to me why you (the playing) events, if you do not participate in them?

Same thing with Naval battles:
The administration made all concessions and made them deprived of their fractions.But this is not enough for you.Apparently in vain - you do not want to play.
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Might have something to do with your good old clannie Vedmak. As I've seen him baning and hexing everyone in RoAC :) just a tip, have him stop that if you want to enjoy good events.

Good luck with that, he has the brains of an ant.
Listen. I do not understand. You are comparing the behavior of the 1st! Man and blame him for not playing 100?) I see clans online. There may be more battles, and this will not be everywhere. Also he does not play 24/7

You are writing about the Veda:
All his enemies are chasing me. There are many times more than 1 ge. What then do I share, don’t play?) It's fun, lol.
Do you drop the Vedas of corruption and curses?

write a list of people who attack me?
TheOnlyOne, But I'm not talking about that.
Why does every player play here?
Download viola?

-PeskY-, hmmm Ved being Ved in RoAC, and I did not see you queued for sea battle (since you talk so big). easy to talk tough when you stand behind someone. Come on out in front. Your buddy Ved won't even let his own clan member (or anyone else) in arena when they are doing Hours of Prosperity, because he needs points. The amazing thing is, Ved has become the very thing he complained about when he was smaller. He commands that the game goes his way. Funny, the Russians on Aer felt the same way, but at least they had honor and respect.
Amherst, I played for a long time on aere, I don’t understand what you are writing about.

Everywhere, on any server there are top players.
On each server they oppose each other.
This game is based on this.
There are those who do not like. But this is the subjective opinion of everyone.

But you are distracted. The fact is that local players do not play battles.
What happens in our clan. You know worse than me, no need to deceive people.
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