Rigged Fights

Anyone one who gets caught rigging fights will be jailed and fined. If an alt is caught the main toon will also be fined.

Rigged Fights are:

1/ Using alts in the rounds against there other account to make sure they get a win or bc reps
2/ Wearing Wrong Armour - Wearing wrong armour E.G. putting on grey armor in higher lv where grey armour is not the right lv armour
3/ Talking about who is going to wins a fight while in que

The fine will be no buyout until after confrontation week is over then the fine will have a buyout. (You will not be able to get out of jail untill the current confrontation is over).

Reason for doing this is because players are rigging fights and winning confrontation rating and getting the rewards, they get fined and then pay the fine, and once paid they are back on top of the confrontation ratings, this is unfair to other players who have played fairly and lose out on rewards.
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