Dear Admins , guardians , developers , master , god ))

do a server merge, or tell me how to help it, people leave every day, 3 weeks there wasn’t more than one naval battle, no one wants to play with themselves ..... if for this someone has to use an interpreter so as not to break the rules games, make an announcement before the merger, a set of rules for terra, everyone will understand and follow them, it has become too boring and for a long time ....
.................................................. ..............................
P.s After reading, write in a comment that you read this, we will see the real activity of the players .... Administration ... please respond somehow
No any want care about us sadly(....
A server merge will not occur. Where the game is at currently is where it will remain until further notice.

There are some changes that are noted on the Russian server’s forum- but the Q&A opened by admin has been closed and nothing posted beyond April of this year so there is no guidance to what direction they plan to take the game in.
Reading terra, they are very confident we have until April 2020 (domain name is paid for supposedly, I didn't check!)

Leane, Thank you for your honesty and hard work. Truly, you are appreciated by many of us.

I have tried many other games now, and nothing beats DE. Very likely I will be back active soon enough, nothing else is as challenging and fun as this. Perhaps it is time to aim for the level 90 "beat the game" goal after all
Storm Kat,

I hit the same roadblock. Not really a first person shooter, which seems to be the next best because a lot of rpg games are way too P2P for my taste. I still favor this game over many others I have tried.
Be really clear, this game will be dead at end of this year. It runs on flash and flash is literally dead in the IT world. The owners will NOT redevelop the game to a new platform. Simply not worth it.
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this seems one way to go after 2020 Plays game without flashpayer

I take it, other platforms will be made too before the year is over lots of other ways to Play game without Flash Player
seems to be coming this year.
This game is going to the end. And it's no fun anymore. I have tried and tested a lot of other games and yeah with pain in my heart i have to say that this game is still the best. not cause of the game playing itself, but because the total package. I found nice games to play, but completely PvP. Other games that had PvP and questing parts, but you have to play it all solo. good games without any chat.

WE all ended up here cause we want it all, a chat, a good game, PvP opportunities , questing and combinations of these.

My clan and me love these parts in the game, BUT it looks and we got confirmations for it, they do not want us here anymore.

I can give some examples:

We have been qeueing for clanwars for 12 weeks and not 1 time got clanwar in that time ( other clans got clanwars every week )
when sending bug report, only answer that comes is, we will look into it, I will discuss it with my colleagues and nxt day i get a email with the question : how did you like the solution we gave ? 12 weeks no solution done or offered.

Then i am curious to know , which player in the last 18 months, maybe even longer has dropped a scheme for jeweler,alchemist, cook or anything, cause we did not, and after asking around it seems, other clans haven't got a drop either.

where was the eastern event this year ?, where was the halloween event this year ? and so on !!!

and more of this have been gone from game for a long time allrdy.

all these things are needed to move on in the game, but are completely gone , so for all new players, which daily start even on this server, none of the new players can ever grow to become powerfull in this game.

Seeing all these things that dissappeared i conclude they just do not want us here anymore, everybody can make there own conclusion, but this is how most people feel on the game. Did players on this server cash to deserve this ???

If you really want us to leave, then at least give us a time and date, so we know and then open up the server for us, so people can at least have fun till end has come. give us the tools to make it an amazing end for us.

Well put. This game was surprisingly well done. Unfortunately, they got greedy, and wanted quick money, as a result, players left. equally surprising, the admins chose to make the game easier (reps, no need for healers, sydian, etc) in the hopes people would come. That just made the game boring, and more left. then the admins left, and it is just a shell of a game now. Those that remain active just are playing because we enjoy the task of growing a toon, and enjoy our friends that are still here. Sadly, this could have been an amazing game. Had the owners bothered to work at it, but bugs are left, events are removed, and continued improvements are no longer being worked. Too much was put on allowing people to grow quickly. Rules changed along the way, and those that cheated basically got away with it.

I am saddened to hear you and your clan have been left out of wars. no one should be left out unless they are blocked.


The events not happening is primarily due to nobody being on the other end. If I recall correctly,they have to go in to implement the changes for an event (spooky screen and emojis for Halloween for example), and then be there to remove it when it ends. I worked with Dreidan , closer to Halloween for 2018, and he had decided to change up the event by adding zombies with ability to rise again after dying. I think he ended up doing a variation on that, but seemed to be an indication that someone had to go in to start/stop events. I don't know if this extended to things like Shaab or Christmas events.

The bug reports do not actually work because most if not all service for this game has been halted. There is not another way for Guardians to handle issues that come up, because they do not have a direct line to an admin. Bugs cannot be addressed the previous way, wherein they were reported to a guardian and then relayed to an admin.

Some things I gleaned from my time as a keeper - it is not a profitable game because the platform is too old. That is primarily the reason that a lot of changes / fixes that were attempted, could not be done correctly the first time. The software used to run this game was so old that it was difficult to make changes without multiple tries to get it right; structure/base of the game started in 2011.

Technically, there is no end time and date because even with Flash being gone by the end of the year, the game may still be available as an app. Those who primarily played on PC will be relegated to app, if it is even available - unless another web browser is willing to support Flash. I doubt it due to the security risk it poses for PCs. Flash was announced to be going out of commission in 2017, with the end in mind of 2020 being when it was completely phased out.

With that in mind -2017 was about the time when less work was put in, and after, more efforts were made to.... encourage spending, making things more accessible by lowering the price to obtain / grow. An attempt was made to revive, or it may have... been something else. Just a theory, but, pay to play apps nowadays seem to be the focus judging from the website of their promoted games and it is much easier / more cost effective to work with games already designed on newer platforms, that don't require conversion from Flash.

Wish they had put in a little more here, haven't found a game quite like this one. I miss what it was and haven't found one I liked enough to play the amount of years I played here. Still got a little of that DE fever.
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