A Warm and Heartly Thankyou.

Hey everyone,
I am very sad to be writing this, but at the same time it warms my likkle heart.
I am remembering all the good times here. How every single person i have known has brought me out of shell here and made me a better person in my own life too.
I thought now is as good a time as any to say how much i loved this game, and i will miss many of you here. I do not what will happen, whether we will just be cut off, or given notice.
So i would like to say.. i wish you all the best in life and hope we all win the lottery maybe....
Find our perfect partners...
Or just find our calling in life.
So a cheers To us
And a cheers to DE for giving us this game .
Yes we were forgotten about in the end. We had our fun though...
Thankyou all :)
Except Query..... he can go dig himself a beeping hole loooooooooooooool, Im sure many of you agree there.
Just don't leave yet....i still am having fun with you!!
I read the last part and spit my water out LOL. You will be missed , you are the Queen!

It has been a pleasure and what a wonderful good bye.

QUEEN! I'm glad you are stubbornly still logging in with me. I agree that it's now time to start saying our good-byes before the server vanishes.

To Game Insight - Thanks to your inexcusable actions here, I will never invest in any Game Insight games again. You killed this game with the year+ lack of updates, and when you finally did return there was hope... But the latest update, that no one wanted, is the final straw. You are cowards for not taking our concerns seriously and your silence is proof of that. Do better, you were paid very handsomely by many players here and the way you treat us is unacceptable. I want my money back.

To all my enemies, I hope in your next game, you play nicer. Learn your lesson from DE, know that all your efforts to make people quit are a useless waste of time and you could focus instead on helping all enjoy the game together. Imagine how much more pleasant this game would have been without all the negative, selfish, jerk attitudes.

To all the active friends I've made here, see you on discord

To the inactive friends, know I still think of many of you, often, and truly wish I had taken more effort to find a non-DE way to keep in touch. If you do log in to say your own goodbyes, I'm still trying to be here every day and hope I can catch you. If not, I sincerely hope life is treating you well and I meet you again!

And last, but not least - Thank you to guards for trying hard to keep the game going, I am grateful you never gave up on us.

Good luck to all
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