Arena Hop

I get it, there are many people who think the AOH is theirs and no one is allowed to join against them because they want the gold from the bots all to themselves. This solves that problem but for us who can't get anyone to join us, we suffer. Yesterday I did a red bag in aoh and left with minus gold. I normally would make 30 to 60 gold an hour on red bag - depending on the day. I never finish negative. With gear breaking and costing so much to repair and cost of food, mounts, etc. The drop from receiving 7 gold on a gold bot down to 1 gold 70 is quite drastic. It is bad when mob hops are more appealing but the downside is no valor from mobs. Maybe you should make valor on mobs so all is equal because getting minus gold is not good for the game and forces us to make a choice on spending rl $$ and suffering through or finding a similar game with a fair playing field. Once again, negative gold sucks and now we are going back to the old days of aoh when you could barely get a fight going.
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