Now that this server is completely neglected and clearly dying, will admin consider moving us to Terra?

After flash is dead all the pc players are gone.

Any chance they can save the few who remain and move us to terra so we can actually play the game.

For a fee perhaps?
Or for free, ya know just saying
I have been thfough a couple of server mergers they are usually free
It will never merge.
Why Leane? The other server would benefit
Major Ursa, What admin told me when I first started council and same answer before they left. There are things that can happen, and that was a definite never.

That is not a why they won't. It was done before. So why not again? Is it because It is too much work?

I was not given a reason. Only that it would never happen.
Leane, this game is the the only game that I know of that has a good balance of pay to win and free to play, sucks that bad management and communication has made it Unplayable...

I completely agree. Most app based games nowadays are pay to play through and through, and I have tried out quite a few outside of this.
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