Btw thank you!!

Not said enough, but thanks for fixing fight exit and teleport issues. But yes, this arena gold thing, is that expected? Maybe some release notes?

Update: Well, they are right. This "fix" lasted 3 days....
Yes thanks for fix arenas
Doesn’t look like this fix worked for everyone based on the new complaints
Well now the 20% that turned out to be a 70% drop in gold for aoh hop has caused the aoh to be empty for extended periods of time. They did a good job of chasing everyone out of the aoh and forcing us back to mob hops.
I was one of the first with the teleport and fight exit issues and still no better for me

Wow. Sorry. Hope they figure it out. Some got fixed...
fight end bug is back, so much for that fix.
absurd update to reduce gold.......weaker players become weaker cos they cannot repair damaged gear. think will be forced to give up rather than spend cash to repair gear. can also forget abt fighting war. this is how the developer rewards us for staying in this game....pathetic
This bug was never fixed as it goes in and out. Barry my alternate has had this bug for over a year and when I thought it had been fixed, it was just a fluke and the waiting period after every fight came back after 1 week. Due to lack of response, this is presumed to continue, and any seeming fixes are merely bugs in itself.

Is this the help we can expect now?
Judging by the response, or lack thereof that I receive, that would be a yes.
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