This game is pretty much dead. No one plays as much anymore except for a few hardcore players.
Yes, its a Huge Huge shame, only the dedicated ( maybe too dedicated for our own good) players are still fighting away lol.
We don't hear much from true Admin anymore ( Dreidan) and people are clinging onto the time we have left here :(
Love this game and is a true shame.
Some days SB is full but is rare.
Ruins just doesn't go, along with invincible warrior and more.
I wish they could have merged us. Better than no DE for us at all.
VaisWhy no sb this server tell me please? it only takes 10 people to get it going, if you ask in Looking for Group about 20 minutes before the SB, you can usually recruit enough. Don't give up, and make friends to get it going! It's true very few people play anymore, but there's enough when you start to ask around.
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