Cant log in to Ichorr

ok so. I would previously log in to dragon eternity using my facebook account. I am no longer able to do so? It says access error on dragon eternity even when I attempt to do so. I have tried swapping browser and I get the same error trying to log in through my phone.

Could a dev get back to me so I can potentially assign my facebook account log in with an actual email so I am able to play? Im open to any other fixes too but please get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks :P
Why would you log in trough Facebook in the first place?
This may seem like a silly question - but have you tried going directly to the site and using your facebook email and password to log in there? I have not used facebook to log on to this game, but did associate for the bonus on another account and am still able to log in from DE site.

p.s. I just tested, if i click the Log in with Facebook, I do get redirected to an error. However, when I put my same email address in, I can log on. (My passwords are different in each, but there is a forgot password button there that should help you out if you've forgotten the DE one).
Storm Kat, tried that still nothing hun :/ since I signed up using facebook all those years ago I cant use the login as a de login. if I do theres no accounts assigned to it other than this one
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