Eyes should have gone out to Ved and myself

Final boss fight ended with defilers losing as we needed.

Ved got top dmg for defilers
I’m first wraith with top dmg on non defilers
I’m sorry to be annoying but I let myself die as soon as dreidan joined just as we agreed upon between defilers. Ved didn’t die and was thus able to do 100k or more damage. I could have done the same so this isn’t fair.

U don’t need to die when dreidan joins with a ton of summs.

He will ensure the defilers lose.
Yeah that’s what I figured afterwards.
1. None agreed about dying out when Dreidan appers. Not sure where it comes from. Some decided to die out when thought quest wont be done and waste of time. But thats different.
2. Its funny how you try compare yourself to ved. Yes your damage is similar but even if you are individually make more damage, his summons beat far away yours. After Dreidan appeared with summons, ved only could make less than 30k more damage (what 100k you talk about when summons made 2k-3k damage in one hit?)
3. Really none asked you to die. You and all were only asked to stall.

But nice try.


Totally agreed and reported before post to guardians.
So “we die when boss is gone” was never said? Don’t lie please. Btw I checked, ved was not stalling.
TheOnlyOne, TheOnlyOneSydeste,
So “we die when boss is gone” was never said? Don’t lie please. Btw I checked, ved was not stalling.

Whoever said this, you totally misunderstood it (what makes proof how much times you was ever defiler). It wasnt agreement. It was a fact and actually a question.

Let me explain: that meant when boss is gone we EVEN die (because we can no longer heal with hits). But that not means we throw fights instead of getting some more damage.

Ps: i was tracking ved. He was stalling (mostly) but ask his opponents...
It was your decision to die out instead of stalling and waiting. Who you want to blame?
I have let him know and will be fixed in regards to the eyes.
Leane, Can we find out, in advance, if Dreidan will save us during the next event too?
The reason I ask, I will no longer come to these fights if only players are there (I feel it leads a horrible example, forcing the whole server to rig a fight), but if admin is going to change the outcome and save us all, I would certainly make the effort to be here again
Leane, can all players above the lvl 80 go to another bracket so I can win ratings every week?
We have reached out but, do not have response at this time. Sorry, we can not provide more information.
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