Messed up magic.

I have a paladin who learned Shards of ice and lighting at level 9. When I reached level 10 I noticed that the cost to upgrade my spells to level 2 for Water and Air where much higher then that to upgrade my Hammer of Order spell to level 2. I upgraded my hamer of order spell and it only cost me 9 sparks and 6 essence I belive. While my other spells want 100 or 85 each. I also noticed after upgradeing hamer of order I do not have the option to upgradde Divine retrubution like I did before. It now says I can learn divine retribution for 21 sparks and 18 essence.

Also I noticed that I am only getting 1 essence when I use Hammer of the order II since It costs 100 normaly and 200 with the eye I should be getting 2 essences per use correct?
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