elites instances bug

hey i have a bug with instances for elites always i enter an instane for elites it shows me no soldiers no npc or boss elites i payed 3r and cant do nothing my reals gone wasted. please fix or let me know explain me why i cant do elites cant see elites in instances they empty.
Are you grouped maybe ?
Sometimes yes sometimes not but the problem is only when i play it on mobile i cant do instances, in pc i can do elites fine only on mobile i cant it doesn't show me any elites or bosses or npc when i play it on mobile.
TheZerk, make sure every single group member leaves the instance before you go back in. If anyone in the group, even offline, is still in the instance the mobs will not appear again. And never, ever, pay the 3 reals if there's not mobs first. That makes no sense to waste the reals if you know it's bugged. Good Luck!
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