Sydian during the island protector cave quest

So, something that came up and i'd like to know if there will be a fix to it.
Did the island quest, got 10 sydian, Already had sydian on me from mobs.

There is no chest in the hideout.

The only option is to sell to game :( :( :( cuz ship is max 10.

Any suggestions?
Take a bigger ship?
Don't do hop and protector on the same trip
I am sorry you had that experience.
17:31 Heaven's Voice: You received: Sydian (30 pcs) SmartAss DE, I even brought a clanmate in a 2nd ship just in case 10 dropped for one of us. And you give me 30 Thank you, but grrrrrr. Can we move this to suggestions and ask that the fast ships be able to be upgraded enough to carry 50 sydian at a time?
hmm, if only there was a ship that carried say 100, or 500, or 1700....
next time call an taxi.
04:30 Heaven's Voice: You received: Sydian (30 pcs)
04:31 Heaven's Voice: You sold: Sydian (20 pcs). Received: 2. at least give us more than 1s/10 pieces. Please.
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