Sea changes

Here's some notes on things that need updating for the new islands:

1 step after pier (on computer) it still says Marian sea. But between islands the location is in russian.
I was mistaken. From harbor to pier it is in English, but all other steps are in Russian. And all the islands are in Russian as well now.
Thanks for letting us know Storm Kat we'll fix it ASAP!
Ihit, I love this update! We love the barrels, and I giggle every time the kracken attacks our ships or a man-overboard needs to be picked up. It's also getting more people out with sydian on board for more ship battles! And I won't spoil the surprises about rewards from ship battles, more will have to sail and see for themselves Overall, a fun update and I haven't found any major issues (besides the confusing map and compass but more time will tell if that's a bug or just something we haven't figured out yet). Thank You
01:24 Heaven's Voice: На горизонте показался остров, изображенный на склеенной карте. Отправьтесь к нему, чтобы найти пиратский тайник!

yep, still in russian... not fixed ASAP.
23:25 Heaven's Voice: An island matching the one depicted on the map has appeared on the horizon. Travel to the island to find the pirate stash!

wow, this took forever to fix, but it is fixed.
BTW, the map still does nothing, and compass is gone. SO, yes, the label for the protector island is fixed.... not sure i would count that as a huge win, but was going to at least say, you fixed something.
Yes, something it's still wrong. The sinra you saved gave you Treasure Map (1 pcs). But if you use it nothing happenes
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