Technical Troubles and Switched Off Durability Loss

Dear players! Due to technical difficulties with our data center, you may temporarily experience unstable game performance. We are sorry for this and hope for your understanding.
P.S. To avoid accidental damage to your items, Equipment wo...

Your Dragons Now Have Their Own Abilities!

The winged guardians of Adan now have Abilities!
Abilities are magical gifts that Dragons can use in combat to empower themselves or their master, or to weaken the enemy! 
Abilities are divided into three trees:
• Lord of Element –...

Hours of Prosperity

Starting today, warriors of level 16 and higher will be able to get the Hours of Prosperity once per day from the Elder Priest of their Empire. Resources must be sacrificed to receive this Spell. While this effect is active, money drops from monste...

Experience Dragon Eternity on iPad!

Dear Friends! The highly-anticipated iPad version of Dragon Eternity has been released!
Starting today, you can travel Adan both on your computer and an iPad of 2nd generation or higher. If you have one, don't miss this amazing opportunity to see ou...

Transferable Healer and Hero of the Empire Caskets

Starting today, Healer and Hero of the Empire Caskets are available again, but ways of getting them have changed. Besides that, both Casket types are now transferable, so they can be sold and purchased at the Auction.  
• Healer Caske...

Dragon Eternity Now in Full Screen

Dragon Eternity can now be played in full screen mode.
To select this mode, click the "Full screen" button in the upper right corner. Select "allow" in the flash player settings to enable keyboard. This will allow you to type chat messages and use...
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