A family shop in the world of Dragons!

Weddings can be celebrated in different ways. Some lovers choose the sacrament alone with each other, others on the contrary prefer to invite as many colleagues and friends as possible to the holiday. At the dawn of the universe, warriors usually chose a secluded location like the Knossos Gorge, but now there is a special place for marriage ceremonies. Wedding Garden!

The garden now houses Family store with unique products. Now you can buy suitable wedding rings for two loving hearts in it:


The store's assortment has also been replenished with a huge number of consumable items. Their cannot be purchased for personal use! When using this or that item, your spouse will receive the appropriate gift in the profile as well as a consumable item in the backpack or the effect specified in the description:

• Grace food purple quality, which can be used simultaneously with any other food:


• Balmsvalid for the next hour:


• Bouquets of flowers that give a smile not only to women but also to harsh men, as well as giving effect Euphoria:


• Soft toys, called into battle with other monsters. And although they cannot help in bloody battles with other warriors, there are enough monsters in the world of Adan in battles with which these plush creatures may need help:


• Jewelry and jewelry for both women and men:


• Ingredients to create unique items in Family Workshop:


You can get into the family workshop from the Professions interface. Spouses have several types of items available for making:

• Gracious class food green and blue quality, which with a small chance can turn into random food red quality:


• Unique belts bonecrusers increasing the likelihood of injury:


• Tools of mining professions that allow you to extract significantly more resources. The created items can only be used by a master whose skill exactly matches the color of the quality of the item!





Weddings can be celebrated in different ways. But in the world of Dragons, those who want to sanctify the union of two loving hearts according to ancient canons and customs can go to the beautiful, covered with ancient legends Wedding Garden at the mouth of the Eajoki River, whose name means "mystery". There is a separate chat channel in this location, in which no one will interfere with lovers and wedding guests.

For a long time, these places, lost in the wilderness of the Valdis forest, remained protected. From the Moon City the road of Five Bridges, trodden by happy lovers, leads to the garden, but the journey along it is only the beginning of the wedding ceremony ...

The witness of the sacrament of marriage is Eyya is the last nayara of the Valdis Forest, the patroness of the river and the mistress of the Wedding Garden. She believes that, just as the fusion of man and dragon once saved the world from the invasion of darkness, so the unity of two loving hearts will help him to survive in the fight against evil.

After the completion of the wedding ceremony, the spouses will be able to receive daily tasks from Aya . The spouse will be able to get easier tasks, the spouse will be able to get more complex ones. The reward for completing joint tasks will be Crystal of Love as well as a chance to get an item from the collection «Unity of hearts".

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