Game updates and balance edits!

Today we want to introduce you to the new balance edits:

1. The conditions for obtaining tasks for the extraction of immutability medallions have been changed. From now on, experienced players who have performed the rite first rebirth, will be able to receive these tasks only when reaching 22 level, those who have already managed reborn twice - with 36 level, but those persistent warriors and warriors who reborn for the third time once, they will be able to receive the task only when they reach 51 level.

2. Changed heroic task Captains sea battles, from now on it is not enough to kill the enemy leader, in order to pick up a valuable reward, you need to win also in the battle itself .

3. Phase I of the Naval Battle has been shortened from 15 to 10 minutes.

4. Also, the balance changes have not spared the profession Prospector. The combat effectiveness of the miners of ore, minerals and wood, has been completely redesigned, now they have become much stronger, but with significantly less health. Also now they are armed with bonecrusher balls according to their skill level:


5. Lovers of a hearty and delicious meal - rejoice. Skill development Cooks are now available up to 170000!

Don't forget to follow the news, and may the grace of the Great Dragons be with you

Love to see thoses updates :)
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