Bonecrusher Sphere

Required level 12
Item type Bonecrusher Sphere
Cost 50


Allows to attack a member of your own or of a hostile faction, or can be used in the current PvP battle. Has a chance to hit a slain enemy with a Light Malicious Curse for 2-4 hours.
For use on the battlefields, you will receive 2 reputation Bonebreaker, as well as high probability an additional 5 reputation {repicon 17460 } "Bonecrusher" for each player killed in battle.

how do u bonecrush ppl
i wnt one but to expensive
id like to sell it on auction, but no can do...
The Bonecrusher Is Epicness!">
Do i keep it, or can i only use it once?
well that's ignorant. Does anyone know why I can't use my BC Sphere. I am lvl 9
it awsomeness
you use it by opening up the player action menu and then clicking attack. it then brings up a sub-menu of bonecrusher spheres to use.
how do you use in AOH?