Happy Dragon Knowledge Day!

Autumn has descended upon Tartu. The sun does not shine as bright any longer, hardly ever showing itself from under heavy rain clouds moving lazily across the sky. The cold Northern winds grow stronger with every passing day, bringing cool and crisp air and announcing a long and snowy winter. However, those who do not waste their precious time are too busy to be mourning the passing of the summer. These grey and rainy autumn days are an ideal time to take care of your own development!
There is a good reason all the magisters and academics, mages and spellcasters, travellers and chroniclers, healers and warriors commemorate the Knowledge Day. For it is known to be true that no success can be achieved without knowledge, be it magic or science, be it the art of war or healing.

Even the newly hatched little Dragons have their very own Day of Dragon Knowledge, because they have to learn a lot of crafts and sciences in order to one day become the strong and wise wardens of Tartu we all know and admire.

The typographic Department of Vaalor's House of Thoughts has been surprised by a sudden hurricane. Some unbound sheets of the Tome of Comprehension were blown out of the window and carried away by a gust of wind.   


Warriors who have reached level 9 can find parts of the Tome of Comprehension when destroying monsters or participating in battles against other warriors from September 1st, 00:00 Server Time to 23:59, September 3rd. If you are lucky and gather 30 pages and the cover of this Tome, you can assemble the book and read it. Reading the Tome grants you the Gift of Comprehension, which in turn increases the Experience, Valor and Heroism you receive and reduces the risks of damaging your equipment. Remember, you only have three days to find the lost relic for the scientists. Every warrior can assemble only one Tome of Comprehension.

We wish you a happy Dragon Knowledge Day, warriors of Vaalor and Sadar! May the light of Wisdom shine upon your path forever!

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