The Invasion of Shaab: Treatises of Filth

Epidemic The heat of Filth is raging on Tarte and more and more inhabitants of the Dragon world are becoming carriers of an alarming and unexplored disease. And although the sick even like the fact that their maximum health and damage increased, and even use their advantage in battles with other warriors, who knows more than othersOmnimachus mal Adintar is looking for methods to get rid of ailments. 

The sorcerer already knows exactly where the books that contain the knowledge he needs are located, but in order to get them, you need squads of brave souls who will not be afraid to go to the Abyss itself. InKnossos Gorgea powerful sorcerer opened three portals leading toHall of Torment, toTo the Altar of Rebirth and toThe Bridge of the Doomed, where detailed information about the disease is stored under the protection of ferocious monsters Treatises of Filth.


Are there any fearless heroes left on Tarte yet? Then this is the job for you! Enter each of the portals in turn, break through the guard squads and bring the OmnimachusTract "The Chill of Filth",The treatise "The Heat of Filth"andThe treatise "The Fervor of Filth". In addition to books about the disease, in the Abyss, your trophies can be Omnimach entries. They can either be used immediately to get a spell that is valid for for one hour«Magic skill",increases the damage of shock spells of all six elements by 17%, or accumulateOmnimachus entries, in Adan Defenders store purchase the cover of the Chronicles of Omnimachus, to compile theChronicles of the Omnimachus.The resulting volume will allow you3 times to summonpowerfullywizard to help in battles.

Take part in"Shaab Invasion"can players who have reachedlevel 16.

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