Christmas sale!

This year, after the end of the New Year celebrations and the exhausting struggle with Trag, Grandfather Frostmir, as usual, went to rest on the warm shores of the Archipelago in the Mari Sea, leaving in his workshop for his main assistants - the Lerikons. All would be fine, but this year something went wrong. The winter turned out to be so severe that Trag had enough strength to enchant the Lerikons again, and now they again take gifts from the warehouses of the kind Grandfather, and as you know, Frostmir always prepares gifts with a large supply so that no one will be left without a pleasant surprise on New Year's Eve.

While the messenger of the New Year's holiday, joy and fun, is resting after hard working days of distributing gifts, the Lericons empty all the shelves, under a clean one, and with happy, burning eyes, are ready to give them to everyone, of course, not for free. They accept gifts of both reals and gold, but they are especially eager for New Year's sweets, which literally drive them crazy.

You can meet one of the Lerikons at the winery crossroads from 12:00 on January 3 to 12:00 on January 13, server time. You can exchange goods with him for gold, reals and candies, in the latter case, he immediately gorges on them and can no longer look at them until the next day. Candy can be obtained in battles with other players, until the end of the event. Don't miss your chance, catch your luck by the tail! Among his treasures, you can find the following valuable items:

1. Ice regalia for a character class of red quality:



ATTENTION! Regalia can be bought an unlimited number of times for reals, and only one forge and one code for Handful of candy!

2. Dragon class ice amulets of red quality:


ATTENTION! Amulets can be bought an unlimited number of times for reals, and only one amulet for each Dragon class for Handful of candy!

3. Red quality marks that are suitable for red quality weapons and armor won in the New Year's Lottery, as well as red quality Dragon amulets and regalia sold at Lericon:



4. Frost Arrow and Throw Sets:


ATTENTION! Every day, you can buy 2 of these packs for reals, and 2 for a Handful of candy! You can make your next purchase only the next day after 12:00 server time!

5. Frosty shackles, forbidding the summoning of any creatures and transformation into Nefelim, they will allow you to arrange a truly real duel between two rivals, who will not be prevented by anything from showing their true power:

ATTENTION! Every day, you can buy 1 shackles for reals! You can make your next purchase only the next day after 12:00 server time!

6. Lericon's rod of summoning. Although he seems completely tiny and defenseless, believe me, he can be a very formidable rival, in particular due to the fact that they copy all the habits of the character who summoned him:

ATTENTION! Every day, you can only buy 1 wand for reals, and 1 for a Handful of candy! You can make your next purchase only the next day after 12:00 server time!

7. Frozen Ice Chests:


ATTENTION! You can purchase only 10 chests for gold, as well as 10 chests and casket each for Handful of candy, and an unlimited number of casket for reals!

8. Reduced price of elemental essences:


ATTENTION! Lericon refuses to hand out more than 10,000 essences to one hand. The limitation is common for all elements!

9. Mining profession resources ranging from purple to red quality:


ATTENTION! Lerikon will not sell more than 2000 units to one person. resources of the Prospector, 5000 units. Fisherman resources, 4000 units. Farmer's resources and 1000 units. resources of the Hunter! The limitation is common for a group of resources within the same profession!

10. Prowling in the table of Grandfather Frostmir, the Lerikons found a tome of a hitherto unknown spell of ice magic, from which it is impossible to defend itself by any of the known methods! Be that as it may, after studying these records, each warrior will be able to begin to comprehend a new element - the element of Ice:



ATTENTION! The spell can only be developed until March 1, with the onset of the first day of spring, the power of ice magic will dry up, and the learned spell will be reduced to level I. It will be possible to re-learn the new stages of the spell only at the onset of winter - from December 1. To develop the spell, you will need prisms that can be bought in the store, as well as ice crystals that can be obtained by killing other players in battles in the Arena of Honor, Tournament of Honor, Ruins of the Ancient Capital, Sea Battle and the Invincible Warrior tournament. The level of the killed player does not affect the production of crystals. You can only get crystals during the winter!

As you can see, Lericon's assortment is filled with truly unprecedented wonders, if you want to buy something for your collection of magical items - hurry up! The most persistent Lerikons, who did not break before the magic of Trag, have already set off in search of Frostmir. The most powerful spells of the old man in a moment will free his assistants from evil spells!

Please make rescource items transferable as this was not indicated to not be trabsferable
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