A new Exciting Opportunity - Weddings!

So, if you think the time is right to tie the knot, now it's easier than ever! Note, both male and female characters can propose.

To do this, find the new section in our Shop, "wedding accessories". Then buy a set of rings to your liking, use them and in the window that opens, write the name of your chosen, to whom you would propose. 

If their answer is "yes", the original rings will disappear, and wedding rings will appear in your "gifts" section, and that of your betrothed. In the external information about your character, a new icon with a picture of a wedding ring will be displayed. Clicking on it will display information about your other half.

In the case that your proposal is refused, the set of rings will remain with you and if you survive the heartbreak, you will be able to try your luck some other time. Well, if your family boat springs a leak and you decide to part ways with your spouse, that is also not terribly difficult. In the same section of a shop purchase Divorce Papers, then find them in your backpack. Hover over them and click the pop-up button saying "divorce" in order to regain your freedom. The consent of your spouse is not needed. 

Wedding gifts are now available in their own section of the gifts menu. Friends traditionally give newlyweds to celebrate the wonderful occasion of their marriage.

Love this idea, i think its super cool just wondering why a lot of the stuff that doesn't help characters in games are so costly, more people will buy when lower. honestly i think that would help pertaining to reals too
I couldn't resist this one. It's amusing that divorce papers are only 1 silver though, cheap enough to get rid of him if he annoys me ;)
Great idea, many people are tempted to. I personally will benefit.
LOL Weddings when they divorce must the man pay to his Ex wife maintenance
if this game have any benefit for married couple, I'll say "yes" to anyone and any gender
Who get's the dragon in the divorce?
is there same-sex marriage?
we are gathered here today..............,lol
In this game I disagree with the use of divorce papers. If you wish to get divorced, instead of divorce papers to break the wedlock, it should be a requirement that you need to bc your other half to dissolve the union.
why can not marry a representative of the other faction?">">
Yomas has the right mind =)
*listens* i sense dating levels rising
so where not alowed to use the chat as a dateing site but now we can get married? and while the rules say we cant talk about alcholhos thers 3 emots for it. i think the designers need to start talking to eachother.
i agree with the first guy, it'd be better if it cost less since its just for show
can you only marry someone of the same faction, if so why cant you marry someone from the other faction
pricy pricy... love is pricy
Well it may take a while, but I shall get the 20 gold and propose to BabyTeef just as soon as I can. benefit or not, I want the world to know that I love her.
That is pretty cool I like it.
The rings should have an ability that will Teleport you to your lovers location, you can put a cooldown time on the ability so ppl can't spam it, bet they would sell like crazy....
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