Altar of Amelsida

The latest finding by archaeologists at the Ancient Temple has this time attracted the attention of both scientists and warriors. The reason being that the discovered statue, according to a rarely unanimous opinion of both Sadar Academics and Vaalorian Scholars, it is the Altar of Amelsida, the Goddess revered by the Ancients, Patroness of all warriors. 

Giehl Kardin, a natural history scholar, has managed to decipher ancient runes and translate them. According to him, a warrior who will make an offering on the Altar will call for the grace of the Goddess and be blessed with a new ability. Offerings to the Goddess can be left in different forms - from fruits and fish, to minerals, resources and money. Those warriors who were first to take advantage of the sanctuary were incredibly surprised with the result. 

The altar is able to grant a warrior two temporary effects: the Cover of Greatness, which increases combat characteristics, and the Cover of Reflection, which allows you to reflect a portion of incoming damage in battle. In this case, the reflected damage is added on to your next attack. Currently, soldiers from all around Tartu are heading to the Shrine to see the miraculous altar for themselves and experience its miraculous effects.

You will find this wonderful artifact of a vanished civilization on a wall of the pit to the right of the entrance to the Temple of Ancients.

Do you have to be a certain level to go there?
FANTASTIC ADDITION! I can finally use some of the professions stuff i've been wondering what to do with. AND, reals are an option in case you don't want to do professions to gain this buff. A very well thought out addition. More additions like this and you may once again have my financial support of the game.
ohh maybe this will give me something to do with lots of my leftover produce, would be nice to get a wee buff out of it! :)
I like the new buffs... sort of concerned about always being broke though
It looks interesting I'll have to check it out.
Anything that increases combat characteristics is welcome
finally an online rpg that can quench my thirst my i recently start playing and i cant stop keep at it guys im waiting to see wat u have in store for us
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