Loans are available only to players who have purchased at least 10 Reals in the last 6 months. 

Maximum loan volume is 1/6 from the amount of Reals bought in current and six previous months but it cannot exceed 300. Loan repayment period is 10 days. If the volume of taken loan is less than the maximum allowed volume, you will be able to increase the loan sum, but please note that in such a case the repayment period will stay the same. It is not allowed to repay loans in parts (i.e. you have to repay it in a single transaction).

To take out a loan, open the Bank menu, choose the Loan tab, specify the desired loan volume, equal to or less than the maximum volume available to you and click the Take Loan button. To repay a loan, open the same tab, find your Current loan and click Repay loan.

If the loan isn't repaid by expiration of the 10-day period, your Character will be sent to the Dungeon until full repayment of the loan.