Clan Management

The "Clans" button in the lower left part of the screen opens the Clan menu. Players who are not members of any Clan see two tabs after clicking this button:

 • Clan List

 The Clan list shows Clan logo, name, number of members, Clan Leader, and status. Instructions for creating a new Clan.

Players who are members of a Clan additionally see the following tabs:

• Clan Info

Shows the Clan description (if any), level, Clan Experience bar, "Clan Services" and "Clan Reputation" buttons. By clicking the Clan Experience bar, you will see information on how it is calculated and what benefits await the Clan members when the Clan gains a level. The "Clan Services" button will take you to the portal section which describes unique premium services that your Clan may order. The "Clan Reputation" button opens the Clan Reputation screen where you can find information on your Clan's current Reputations and benefits granted by each of them.

Clan Leader can use this section to pay the Clan Tax.

• Clan Members

This tabs shows a complete list of all Clan members with their status (a green circle means that they are online), nickname, percentage of received votes, Rank, the buttons to leave the Clan or exclude a member (if you have the respective permission), and the button which is used to vote for a new Clan Leader.

Players with the respective permission can change the Ranks of any other members except the Clan Leader. This is done by clicking a button next to a player's Rank and selecting a new Rank from the list

• Clan Ranks

Players with the respective permission can create up to 16 different Ranks and remove existing Ranks. Players with the permission to edit Ranks may click the "Edit" button and pick a list of permission for a Rank from the list.  All players with the selected Rank will receive the permissions.

• Diplomacy

This tab can be used to invite another Clan to join your Alliance or to view a Clan's status (at war, paying contribution, etc). Players with the Diplomacy permission can use this screen to surrender or pay the Contribution after a lost War.

In the mobile version of the game, log of Clan Wars is shown here. Click the War Results button to view the screen with statistics.

• Bookkeeping Department

This section contains information about deposits and withdrawals of items and money into and from all Clan's storages. All operations in the last 30 days are stored here. All withdrawals are highlighted red, and all deposits green.

You can view all operations of a particular player by typing their nickname in the search field.

• Clan War Log

Contains information about all Wars your Clan waged during its existence. Each entry shows the opposing Clan's name and logo as well as the war's date of beginning and ending and its result. Click the "More" button to view the War's statistics.

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