Changes in the game

The progression of the rebirth effects has been changed and is now 2%, 4%, 6%, 8% and 10% instead of 5%, 8% and 10% earlier. That is, to get the maximum gain, you need to be reborn 5 times.


The fourth rebirth will now apply the same name eternal effect Rebirth IV.

Players who decide to be reborn 5 or more times will receive the effect Rebirth with each rebirth (all previous effects of past rebirths will be removed at the moment of rebirth).

The required amount of resources for 4 and above rebirth has also been changed:

•2500 units. Sparks of the Abyss;
• 2500 units. Dedair gulden.

Previously, 7,500 units were required. Sparks of the Abyss and 5000 units. Dedair gulden. All other conditions for rebirth remained unchanged.

2 new elements of the character's appearance during rebirth were also added (rings around the character's avatar), and 2 achievements for 4 and 5+ rebirths.

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