Game updates!

Brave warriors!

We began to notice that battles in the Arena of Honor with the summoned warriors of Empires did not bring the proper amount of Valor and Money. It's time to change that.

From today, the following changes come into force:

As before, the bots in each tier group are divided into 3 levels of combat power, now they are dressed according to their strength level: weak in green armor; medium in armor of blue quality; strong in armor of purple quality of their respective classes.

The visual component is certainly good, but this is not the only change:
- weak bots are now equipped with only defense mets for 4 elements available to their class;
- medium ones are equipped with defense mets for 2 elements, and with reflection mets also for 2 class elements;
- strong bots received mets reflection on 4 class elements;
- in addition, some medium and strong bots received meta giving them positive effects, or giving them negative effects (for example, Steel shield, Crushing blow, Loss of mind и др.);
- all bots have a revised list of combat buffs, as well as orbs and elixirs used in battle.

The characteristics of all bots were balanced according to their classes and efficiency. The profit gained from strong bots will be much greater than if you killed a weak bot.

The new balance changes are intended to diversify and improve the battles in the Arena of Honor. For the damage done to the bot, you, as before, will receive the corresponding amount of Valor and Gold according to their combat power, however, the amount of coins and valor mined will not exceed the difference of 20% in comparison with battles against players of the same efficiency.

We would also like to acquaint you with the next change with regards to the Dragons - our faithful companions and assistants. Now they will grow not only in combat power, but also visually as their level increases, and if at level 15, it will not instill fear and horror into the hearts and minds of your opponents:

Then at level 90, he will be a very formidable enemy instilling terror:

Stay tuned for more news - this is not the only change we have prepared for you. We wish you good luck in your new battles, and may the blessing of the Great Dragons be with you!

As usual our admin dropping good updates.
this dragon visual update is very cute :)))))
Puny Draggie
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