The elemental lords are already on their way to Tart!

Today in 20:00 in The Steppe Sanctuary will host the final battle of the Madness of the Elements, which will involve six The Lords of the Elements - three on each side.

With the appearance of Masters of the Elements you will receive a special task according to the element you selected earlier, if you did not have time to complete the task Call of the Elements, you will receive a task for strengthening a random element of your current class, and will also be randomly assigned to one of the teams, < b>according to the equality of forces. To complete the task, you will need to deal a certain amount of damage in the final battle. As a reward for completing this task, you will receive a spell that will increase the damage from all spells of your chosen element by 10%. This spell will be in effect for weeks.


Also, if you did not have time to close all the portals before the arrival of the Lords - the final battle will give you the opportunity to get some Quintars. During the battle, one of the overlords can give you a protective effect, thanks to which, a significant part of the etching magic damage will be redirected to them. The spell will work until the death of the lord who imposed this effect.


All players who have reached level 9 can participate in the event. Read more about it here.

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