Christmas Adventures: Coming of the Ice Giant

Now you've made Trug really angry!

After yet another defeat of his minions, infuriated giant decided to take matters into his own hands. Trug has left his abode in the Chasm of Eternal Cold and is advancing on Tartu. On December 23rd at 20:00 Server Time, he will arrive at the Winery Crossroads to steal the main Christmas Tree and deprive people of Tartu of their favorite holiday.

Fight the evil monster to protect Christmas! Besides Trug, you will also have to deal with his army that consists of Ice Nylphs, Stone Golems, Durgs and Ice Specters. The battle is going to be epic! Trug is huge and possesses supernatural strength, so defeating him won't be an easy task. However, warriors that muster enough courage to face him in open battle, will be rewarded generously. If you deal 5000 damage in battle with Trug and his minions, you will receive a  Large Gift from Snowflake . Reach 50000 damage and get many Gifts from Snowflake and a reward of your choice: Frostmir's Chest or the Ice Rod. Also, warriors who answer the call to protect Christmas have a chance of receiving limited-lifetime red weapons for their level.


The fifth stage of Christmas Adventures begins with Coming of the Ice Giant Quest, available to warriors of level 9 and higher.

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