Night of the Great Dragons

Once a year, a chaotic and dangerous time comes to Adan. On the Night of the Great Dragons, Eldior the Ruler of Life, Aeona Mother of Eternity and Velet the Lord of Death submerge into a deep sleep. As soon as their master's eyes close, spirits of the dead revolt, escaping the Halls of Peace to a world full of desire, pleasure, and suffering. Swarms of runaway undead flood Adan, rejoicing in their new-found freedom and impunity. 

While common folk follow the tradition by dressing in scary costumes, dancing, and laughing to show they're not afraid of the evil spirits, warriors work hard lighting the lanterns, burning effigies, intimidating their opponents with horrifying ghosts and, of course, slaying undead monsters to acquire the main ritual lamp, Archlantern of Awakening, which is required to awaken the Great Dragons from their slumber.


Complete Quests of the charming Ani-Dahlia to receive Gift Pumpkins that contain characteristic-increasing holiday candy as well as grant you a chance to obtain a special weapon – the Broom. Players who obtain the Archlantern of Awakening will additionally receive a unique Pumpkin Helm as well as special festive achievements!



But even battles can't change our oldest traditions. And on Tartu, Night of the Great Dragons was always a time of festivities! Join the celebration!


Festive gifts are now availiable in the shop, and we've also added some monster-themed emoji to the usual set. 


We would like to remind you that you can find the new Gifts by opening the Shop, clicking the Gift Shop icon in the upper left corner of the pop-up window, and then choosing Festive tab in the next screen. 

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