Invasion of Shaab: Corpuscles of Anger

Infected the warriors of the Dragon world turned into Defilers!

Although there were enough undaunted and confident fighters on Tarte who went into the Abyss and foundthree treatises Filth,Omnimah mal Adintargot the information he needed too late. The disease has passed into the stage The Madness of Filth and all infected residents Tarta have turned into defilers! Maximum healthanddamage dealtthe new servants of the dark gods nowsignificantly higher, than ordinary fighters.

Obeying the voices of the lords sounding from the Abyss, the converted attack the knights, extracting the mysteriousCorpuscles of Anger, the purpose of which is still unknown to any of the magicians of Tarth.

However, Omnimachus urges not to be afraid of defilers who have ceased to be contagious and fight with them in order to earn for each destroyed monster the reputation of the Defender of Adana and get the trophy Sparks of the Abyss. Especially zealous defenders of Tarth, the rulers of the Empire will reward with a spell Unity of the Empire, reducing the damage received by 10% during 24h. Sorcerer He assures that he continues to study the disease of Filth and is already very close to finding a way to cure and help the peoples of Tarth to win the war with Shaab. However, so far the magician refuses to tell more about his research.

Take part in"Shaab Invasion"can players who have reachedlevel 16.

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